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How to set up the Photo Review Reminder?

You can use this option to send emails requesting product photos after someone has given a positive review.

Click 🖊️ to customize all the settings of your emails.

Enable and customize the photo review request emails that are sent to your customers when they write a positive review.

How to change the sending time?

To set up your email timing setting, select your desired time period from the setting’s dropdown.

Emails should be sent based on the customers’ local work hours to maximize open rates.

How to filter your customers on the ratings of reviews?

You can send emails to customers who left 4 star/5 star reviews on your product list.

How to customize your email photo review reminder?

You can change the subject of the email photo review reminder

You can add the logo to the email

You can modify the content of the email

You can customize the button text

You can change the content and the color of the button

Always remember to click Save at the end to make sure all the changes have been updated successfully.

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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