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How to set the default language and manually translate?

The guideline below will give you a detailed description of how to set the default language shown in your billing documents, and how you can manually translate information into the selected language.

The Fordeer Invoice Order Printer allows you to translate all billing documents into up to 10 foreign languages.

Part 1. Set up the default language

To access the translation setup, click Translation on the sidebar menu

Then, select the language that you want to set as the default language to translate invoices into.

If you want your order to be translated automatically into the customer’s primary language based on their detected location, turn Auto-detected customer language on.

Part 2. Edit manually the available translation

You can translate yourself by first selecting the language you want. Then there will be all information could be edited, select the genre of documents and edit translations fitting your requirements.

Remember to click Save to finish completely

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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