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How to edit the code of the invoice template?

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The guide below will give you a detailed description of how to edit the code of a template. Let’s find it out:

Step 1: Visit the Customization page, then select the template you want to edit and click the Customize button.

Step 2: Click the Edit code button to start editing.

Step 3: Come to the edit page full of liquid variables. Then, you can edit flexibly to fit your needs.

Step 4: Remember to click Preview and Save to make sure of completing the change.

This feature is avaible for Premium users only.

Besides, there are something we want you to take note:

After modifying the code of the template, any recent updates will not automatically take effect in your code. This is intentional, as we respect your code and aim to avoid interference with its existing structure. Consequently, the app updates won't be applied to themes that have undergone code edits previously.

If you want to update the latest code, especially our app app features, you have two options: either update the entire theme or add the code to the specified area. Our developers kindly request you to click on the Update to lastest version button in the Edit code section. This action will ensure that the feature operates seamlessly moving forward.

If you choose to revert to the default settings, it would require you to re-implement the changes.

To streamline this process and minimize any inconvenience, you can take note of the record of the specific code segments that were edited. This way, after updating the template, you can easily re-add the input codes yourself.

You can also customize or alter the information displayed on these invoices using Customization on our app. Simply navigate to the Customization page in our app. Here, you can modify the templates to better suit your needs.

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the editing the code, feel free to reach out to us via our app's live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 06/07/2024

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