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How to customize all detail sections of the invoice template?

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Fordeer invoices include all the necessary information that makes an invoice valid and fully compliant, whether it comes to your B2C or B2B sales. This information is automatically synced from the order, customer, and product data details for the respective order in your Shopify store, to correctly include your customer billing and shipping information, product information, and the total breakdown of the respective prices, taxes, and any discounts that were applied to the order.

You can see a preview invoice template before it is sent to the customer when you visit the Customize page.

The layout of a template page includes the following 7 parts:

Branding: where you can increase the brand awareness of your business by uploading a logo and customizing colors and fonts to reflect your business style and uniqueness.

Overview: include basic detailed information about the order, such as the heading, payment & shipping, order name, date, barcode, and extra options.

Shop detail: Fordeer gives you the ability to customize what business information is displayed on each of your invoices, allowing you to increase engagement with your clients. This section provides basic information about your store, such as shop name, address, city, VAT ID, Shop number, email, etc. This helps customers easily reach and contact your store when necessary.

Shipping info: provides delivery information such as recipient name, company, address, Zip code, customer metafields, etc. This is convenient for keeping track of your customers.

Billing info: presents information related to billing such as payer name, address, email, phone, etc. This is extremely necessary in cases where the person ordering and the recipient are different.

Line items and total: presents detailed details about the parameters related to the item such as item, barcode, description, price, total, note, and currency. You can completely customize the information fields to show or hide depending on your requirements.

Footer: Includes information related to Cart attributes, thank you notes, footer notes, social network, and terms and conditions, contributing to increasing brand recognition and making it convenient to check and track order information.

We are committed to providing a customized invoicing experience. Hope you can create eye-catching and unique invoices with Fordeer PDF Invoice Printer.

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Updated on: 07/06/2024

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