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How to brand and style your billing documents?

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In this article, we will show you how you can brand and design your invoice to be eye-catching and suitable for your business.

Step 1: Please go to the Customization on the Sidebar menu, then select the type of template you want to customize and click the Customize button.

Step 2: Here you will preview your invoice template interface. To brand and style your template, Click on the Branding section.

Step 3. In the Branding section, there will be sections for you to customize your brand and style as you want:

1. Logo
Here you can enable the display of your brand's logo by enabling the state of the Show logo button

If you want to change the logo, please click the Change image button and upload the image.

Furthermore, you can adjust the size of the logo in the Logo size section.

2. Color: in this section, you can change the color to make your logo look more eye-catching and attractive.

3. Typography: Helps you adjust the font size and the margins of the invoice body. This helps the invoice look more balanced and harmonious.

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Updated on: 07/06/2024

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