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Fordeer PDF Invoice Changelog

All the changes of our app will be listed here for you to follow.

[2.1.2] 2024-05-20

Export All Orders to CSV

Added a new feature to export all orders to a CSV file, providing a convenient way to manage and analyze order data outside of the app.

[2.1.1] 2024-05-11

Update Variant Metafields

Enhanced support for variant metafields, allowing more detailed and specific product information to be included on invoices.

[2.1.0] 2024-05-09

Update New Pricing Plan

Added Plan: Starter Plan

The new Starter plan is tailored to fit small and start-up businesses perfectly. You can now download unlimited invoices, send them automatically to your customers and more for $6.95/month.

Add Many Advanced Features

Add Second Page

Introduced the ability to add a second page to invoices, which can include HTML content or a link to an external website.

Custom Invoice Number

Added support for displaying the custom invoice number on invoices.

Send Test on Automation Email

Updated the "Send Test" feature to default to sending the first order in the list for easier testing.

Condition Tag for Automation Email

Added a new condition tag for automation emails to provide more targeted and relevant email automation.

Theme Updates

Updated six basic themes and introduced a new theme named Panda to offer more variety and customization options.

Customization Preview

Enhanced the customization feature to allow users to select real orders for previewing invoice changes.

Collect Customer 's Tax Number

Implemented a feature to collect the customer's tax number, ensuring that this information is captured and displayed appropriately on invoices.

Add Print and Download Button to Shopify Customer Order detail page

Added print and download buttons to the Shopify Customer Order detail page, providing customers with easy access to print or download their order details and invoices.

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Updated on: 07/06/2024

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