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How to set up pre-order for specific collections?

This feature will activate the pre-order button exclusively for products belonging to designated collections. By implementing this customization, the pre-order option becomes selectively visible, aligning with specific product categories and enhancing the precision of your marketing strategy.

Steps to manage:

Kindly go to Setup PreOrder Offer Name & Trigger section in the Information page.
Take a look in the Display only on section.
Select the Display only when products from specific collections, a search bar collection will appear.

Click to the Search collections search bar, all the collections will show
Put a check mark on the collections you want to show the pre-order button

Click Save to make sure everything has been updated.

This tailored display ensures that the pre-order functionality is seamlessly integrated into the shopping experience for products within the specified collections, offering a refined and purposeful approach to your online store presentation.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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