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How to set up pre-order for specific products?

This feature will ensure a pre-order button is visibly presented on a specific product, allowing customers to express interest and place orders in advance of the item's availability. This strategic feature not only engages potential buyers but also establishes a seamless and convenient pre-ordering process for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Steps to manage:

Kindly go to Setup PreOrder Offer Name & Trigger section in the Information page.
Take a look in the Display only on section.
Select the Display only on specific products, a search bar product will appear.

Press the spacebar key on the Search product, the product list will appear or you can type suggested text by product name or the full product name, the correct product with that name will appear.
Click Add to complete the selecting products process.

Click Save to make sure everything has been updated.

By prominently showcasing the pre-order option, you create a dynamic shopping experience that caters to the preferences of your audience, fostering anticipation and driving pre-release sales.

Updated on: 17/11/2023

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