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How to select the products to show label on?

We provide flexible options for applying labels based on various product conditions:

Apply label to all products:

Go to the Conditions page in our app.
In the Select Products section, choose All products.

Specific product(s):

Choose the option: Specific product(s).
Click the search bar to display all available products for selection.

From specific collection(s):

Opt for Specific collections.
Click the search bar to reveal all available collections for selection.

With specific tag(s):

Choose With specific tag(s).
Enter the tags of the products you wish to label.

Specific variant(s):

Select With specific variants.
Click the search bar to display all available variants for selection.

Always remember to click Save at the end to make sure everything has been updated successfully.

Currently, when choosing products or variants, you need to enter the letters or the full name, and the relevant options will be displayed.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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