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Labels/badges are not visible on the storefront?

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If the labels/badges do not show on your products, check the possible reasons why labels/badges are not showing:

1. The app is not activated in your theme

If this is your first time using our app or you've just changed to a new theme, you need to activate the app in your theme first.

The app is activated if you see this screen in our app and Theme Settings.

2. The label/badge has not been applied to an appropriate product

After you select Specific products option, please choose a product of a group of products to apply it on.

You can only show label/badge on up to 30 products when you are on FREE plan. Upgrade to higher plan to show label/badge on unlimited products.

If you set other conditions for the label/badge to show on a group of products, please make sure that the condition is set up correctly. Feel free to contact our support team at any time to check on it for you.

You can find the Tag/ Collection/Variant in the Product section of your Shopify Admin page.

3. The label/badge campaign has been disabled

Kindly enable the status of the label/ badge campaign on the Labels and Badges page.

4. App/ Theme conflict

Keep in mind that sometimes, it may take some time for your store to display the changes. In most cases, the label should appear immediately. However, sometimes the requests from your back-end to your front-end may take a bit more time.

Additionally, if you're using a custom or highly-modified theme, minor issues may arise. Please be aware that this issue is common and often encountered by most Label apps. We need to embed our app into your theme to ensure that the labels show correctly on your store.

But do not worry, our team can assist in resolving such conflicts via in-app live chat or by contacting us at Rest assured, we'll prioritize addressing the issue promptly to ensure that labels/badges display correctly on your store.

Our working time:

8h30-23h59 (UTC +7): Monday to Saturday

Within working hours, all chats will be replied to within minutes. All tickets via email will be replied to within hours.

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Updated on: 26/06/2024

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