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How to create a Trust Badge campaign?

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This guideline below will guide you how to create a trust badge campaign in general

Before starting

Ensure Fordeer: badge is enabled by clicking on Activate in the app dashboard

Press Save in the top right corner

What is trust badge?

Trust badges enhance sales by highlighting important product information to customers. They can leverage psychological cues like scarcity, social proof, and urgency to drive sales.

Create a Trust badge

Step 1: Create trust badge

Navigate to the Trust badges section in our app's sidebar menu. Then, click on either Create trust badge or Create on the Trust badge Table.

Step 2: Select which devices the trust badges will show on

You can decide which devices the trust badges will show on: Desktop or Mobile or both of them.

Step 3: Select and design trust badge

- Title and description: you can add the title and description for your trust badge block

Select trust badge type

There are 2 types of trust badges our app is supporting now: Payment badge and Badge icon

Design trust badge

- Main section: You can customize all the modifications on the main section to meet your needs, including: Alignment, width, margin, padding, shadow and border for the main section.

- Besides, you can modify the title and description to meet your requirements by changing alignment, font, font style, font color, font size and line height.

- If you use badge icon, you can customize the all things on the badge icon, including Icon display, icon color and change the heading and subheading for the badge icon

- If you use payment badge, you also customize the badge settings, including: Badge style, alignment, size, margin and animation.

Step 4: Select which products the trust badges will show on

Go to Products tab, then you can choose from different conditions to select where the badges will appear: All products, Specific products, Collections, Variants, Tags, and Inventory status.

Step 5: Click Create to complete

Click Create to save all the changes.

Check the Trust badge display

Check if they display correctly on your product pages.

If the trust badges do not show properly on your store, please do not hesitate to let us know, we will be more than happy to help you.

💡 Trust badge only shows on the Product pages and it is totally FREE for all users.

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Updated on: 26/06/2024

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