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How to set up the Cart Countdown in common?

Firstly, you need to access Applications in our app, then kindly choose Cart countdown. After that, select Common to set up the Cart

Allow to show cart countdown on your store

You can disable two types of countdown type if you don’t want them to display on your store.

Set countdown time

To adjust countdown time, type the time in the Set countdown time box (time in minutes).

You can choose to reset countdown time whenever customers add a new product to the cart. Note that this feature does not work if customers are directed to the cart page after adding to the cart.

Expiration Action

After the countdown time runs out, you can choose what to do after the cart expires:

Clear cart: Clear all products in the cart and leave the cart empty
Reset time: Reset the countdown timer. Products remain in the cart.
Do nothing: Countdown stops at 00:00. Products remain in the cart.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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