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How to set time for the Sales pop?

Website owners may use multiple popups in a sequence to deliver different messages, promotions, or calls to action to users. By setting a specific time between each popup, they can control the frequency at which popups appear to users.

To set the time for the Sales pop, kindly put a checkmark in the checkbox Random delay time between popups. Just with one click, you can set up random delay time between each popup.

There are some fields in this option you need to know, I will list the meaning of them below:
Min delay: the minimum of delay time between each popup
Max delay: the maximum of delay time between each popup
Duration of a popup: the length of time that a popup remains visible on a website before it automatically disappears or closes.
Delay before first pop shows: the time interval or waiting period before the first popup on each page is initially displayed on a website after a specific trigger event occurs.

On the other hand, if you want to set up time by yourself, please remove a check mark in the checkbox Random delay time between popups.

Here are some phrases you need to know when you manually fix the delay time.
Time between each popup: the duration that passes between the display of one popup and the appearance of the next popup on a website. ⇒ If popups appear too frequently and without enough time for users to engage with each one, it may lead to frustration and a negative perception of the website. On the other hand, if the time between each popup is too long, users may lose interest, and the effectiveness of the popups as a marketing or engagement tool may drop off.
Duration of a popup: how long a popup will last
Delay before first pop shows: the first pop up will be appeared after a selected time.

Updated on: 25/11/2023

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