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How to change the time of the Popup into countdown type?

The countdown popup is a user interface element commonly used to display a timer that counts down from a specific time to zero.

Firstly, on the sidebar, you go to the Applications then click Manage in the Popup page.

If you already have some popup campaigns, please follow our guidelines below to answer the question:

Step 1: Choose one of your pop campaigns, then click the icon ⚙️ to start

Step 2: Then, kindly select Goals

Step 3: After choosing one of the fourth popup types, scroll down you see the Enable countdown option, and put the checkmark in this checkbox to enable this feature.

You can choose 2 countdown types

Specific end date: You have to set up the end date then our system will identify and import information in the popup. You can see a demo on the right of your screen.

Loop interval: The frequency or duration at which the countdown updates or refreshes. For example, if the countdown is set to 2 days, and the loop interval time is 18 hours, the countdown will update every second, showing the remaining time as it counts down from 2 days 18 hrs 00 mins 00 secs to 2 days 17 hrs 59 mins 59, and so on until it reaches 00:00.

Noted that: The customers always see your loop interval set up whenever they access your store. Like the picture above, they will see 2 days 17 hours 59 mins 59 secs whenever they trigger something.

Updated on: 18/09/2023

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